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Lift Installation, simplifications in the DM 19 march 2015

In Gazzetta Ufficiale n.82 del 9 april 2015

Economic development Ministry Decree, 19 march 2015 “Identification of documents to disclose for the preventive agreements for lifts installations, when it’s no possible realize the required open spaces, or the refuge volumes beyond extreme positions of the cabin”.

It was published on Gazzetta Ufficiale n.82, 9 April 2015 the decree of the Economic development Ministry 19 march 2015 about simplification for lifts installations.

For this Ministry the simplification affects both citizens and companies with regard to procedures related to preventive agreements for lifts installations, when it’s no possible realize: a) the required open spaces, or b) the refuge volumes beyond extreme positions of the cabin.

The decree is composed by two sections and in one of the attachments are indicated documents which the building and lift owner has to disclose to a qualified and notified organism.

The preventive agreement realization is expert by the point 2.2 of the attachment I of DPR 162/1999 (it demands an open space or a refuge volume beyond the extreme positions of the cabin in order to assure the maintenance, reparation and test technicians safety).

“However, in extraordinary cases, leaving members state governments give own preventive agreement, in particular in existing buildings, expert authorities can predict appropriate means to avoid this risk if the previous solution is not feasible”.

Motivations to demand an authorization for a lift installation with limited pit and cylinder head can be related to situations, marked into buildings, attributable to these cases:

  1. Restrictions gathering from town construction regulations or established by the Superintendence for architectural and landscape goods;

  2. Objective impossibility owed to natural and structural restrictions (aquifer, precarious plots, arch and vault structures, etc.);

  3. Rights of third persons.

Regulation on the safety of lifts, art.1, c. 2, DPR 8/2015:

Regulation CE n. 76512008

DPR 162/1999, rules for the implementation of Directive 95/16 EC on lifts:;162

Non-exhaustive list contained in I del DPR 162/1999.

Decree of 19 March 2015 elevators in OJ 9 April 2015:

Ministry of Development, known Decree of 19 March 2015 lifts small spaces:

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