Control Panel -

Samerlift has been specializing for almost 30 years in the planning and realization of microprocessor electronic control panels, differentiating the production in many models, adapting to any type of installation: Hydraulic, Traction Lift (with or without V.V.V.F.), Gearless, Machine-Room-Less, with a reduced pit and/or Headroom, Home Lifts, Goods Lift. significant experiences accrued thanks to a full spectrum activity in the field of lifts and in the planning of electronic and electromecanic cards we install, allow to reach excellent outcomes in reliability and installation facility. the versatility is one of our strong points and it allows to solve successfully different technical and operation needs of installations. furthermore, a process of innovation leads us to offer today a product with a reduced encumbrance and costs. the service of customer assistance post-sales is another strong point of the company and it supplies a constant support to the customer for the resolution of any operation problem.

Technical general features

In all our control panels we assemble microprocessor cards we developing and personalizing which memorize last installation breakdowns and they are prepared for both local control and telecontrol.
The panel procuring to customer is submit to a complete and programmed test with all the demanded functions, for the control card and for the inverter, ready to the connection. However the customer can modify these functions in another moment, thanks to an appropriate keyboard.
If demanded, we assemble the electric prewired installation for the compartment /cabin and/or the shaft (serial or parallel), magnetic sensors, cabin/landing operating panels or any different accessory.
All our control panels are protected by a metallic cabinet Ip20 and they have also electric frameworks, an identity plate, an handbook, a suitability certificate.